2016 NFL Draft

The draft was held Thu, Apr 28 through Sat, Apr 30 at the Auditorium Theatre, located in Chicago, IL. Round one occurred on Thursday, rounds two and three were held on Friday, and rounds four through seven were held on Saturday.

Ohio State had the most players drafted with 12. Second most was Clemson with 9. The next closest Big 10 Teams were Michigan State and Penn State, each with 5.

Browns Picks

First Round Selections

 1 Los Angeles Rams	Jared Goff 	QB	California
 2 Philadelphia Eagles	Carson Wentz 	QB	North Dakota St
 3 San Diego Chargers	Joey Bosa 	DE	Ohio State
 4 Dallas Cowboys	Ezekiel Elliott RB	Ohio State	
 5 Jacksonville Jaguars	Jalen Ramsey 	CB	Florida State	
 6 Baltimore Ravens	Ronnie Stanley 	OT	Notre Dame	
 7 San Francisco 49ers	DeForest Buckner DE	Oregon	
 8 Tennessee Titans	Jack Conklin 	OT	Michigan State
 9 Chicago Bears	Leonard Floyd 	OLB	Georgia	SEC
10 New York Giants	Eli Apple 	CB	Ohio State	
11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers	Vernon Hargreaves CB	Florida
12 New Orleans Saints	Sheldon Rankins DT	Louisville
13 Miami Dolphins	Laremy Tunsil 	OT	Ole Miss
14 Oakland Raiders	Karl Joseph 	S	West Virginia
15 Cleveland Browns	Corey Coleman 	WR	Baylor
16 Detroit Lions	Taylor Decker 	OT	Ohio State	
17 Atlanta Falcons	Keanu Neal 	S	Florida	
18 Indianapolis Colts	Ryan Kelly 	C	Alabama	
19 Buffalo Bills	Shaq Lawson 	DE	Clemson	
20 New York Jets	Darron Lee 	OLB	Ohio State	
21 Houston Texans	Will Fuller 	WR	Notre Dame
22 Washington Redskins	Josh Doctson 	WR	TCU
23 Minnesota Vikings	Laquon Treadwell WR	Ole Miss	
24 Cincinnati Bengals	William Jackson CB	Houston	
25 Pittsburgh Steelers	Artie Burns 	CB	Miami (FL)	
26 Denver Broncos	Paxton Lynch 	QB	Memphis
27 Green Bay Packers	Kenny Clark 	DT	UCLA
28 San Francisco 49ers	Joshua Garnett 	G	Stanford
New England Patriots	Selection forfeited as punishment
29 Arizona Cardinals	Robert Nkemdiche DT	Ole Miss	
30 Carolina Panthers	Vernon Butler 	DT	Louisiana Tech
31 Seattle Seahawks	Germain Ifedi 	OT	Texas A&M

Thu, Apr 28, 2016 Updates:

11:52 p.m.

Even listening to the NFL draft over a mobile radio app can be interesting.

11:46 p.m.

Tunsil must have irritated someone. This is bizarre.

Deadspin tweet

Here's Laremy Tunsil admitting he took money at Ole Miss before getting hustled off stage

Deadspin article

Deadspin image

Another Deadspin tweet

Now Laremy Tunsil's Instagram has posted alleged conversations with Ole Miss football staffers about paying his rent

Dude?! Deadspin article

11:43 p.m.

With the 31st and last pick in the first round, Seattle chose Germain Ifedi, OT, Texas A&M.

11:41 p.m.

According to Aaron, some "experts" ranked Tunsil as the number one player in the draft.

11:38 p.m.

Seattle has the last pick of the night.

PFT predicted that Cleveland with the 8th pick would take Myles Jack, linebacker, UCLA.

Thus far, nobody has chosen Jack. He had an injury issue that may have scared off teams, at least in the first round.

I think Cle should select another WR with the 32nd pick.

11:37 p.m.

With the 30th pick, the Carolina Panthers chose Vernon Butler, DT, Louisiana Tech.

11:35 p.m.

With the first pick tomorrow night, will Cle trade down to accumulate another pick or two?

Will Cle select a QB at 32? Conner Cook from Michigan State seems to be a favorite pick.

But I think the Browns will pass on QB this year, esp with two first round picks in their pocket for next year.

11:31 p.m.

Pats would have had the 29th pick.

AZ Cardinals with the 29th pick chose Robert Nkemdiche, DT, Ole Miss.

11:30 p.m.

Jerrod likes the Coleman pick over Treadwell because of Coleman's speed.

Jerrod said Treadwell is more of a possession receiver, and the Browns need to upgrade its team speed on offense.

Browns ranked 30th in scoring last season.

11:29 p.m

KC had the 28th pick, but the Chiefs traded with the 49ers.

At 28, SF chose Joshua Garnett, G, Stanford.

11:25 p.m.

PFT - Tunsil's strange night continues


Tackle Laremy Tunsil’s slide down the draft board stopped when the Dolphins took him 13th overall, but a night that started out badly thanks to a video of him smoking pot going public kept getting stranger.

After Tunsil was picked, his Instagram account appeared to be hacked in a similar fashion to his Twitter account with screenshots that purported to show conversations between Tunsil and a member of the Ole Miss athletic staff regarding payments to Tunsil from the school. Tunsil was asked whether he took money while he was in school at a press conference Thursday.

“I made a mistake,” Tunsil said, via Hugh Kellenberger of the Jackson Clarion-Ledger. “That happened. I’d have to say yeah.”

Kellenberger reports that an NFL staffer stepped in and stopped the press conference as follow up questions came Tunsil’s way. Tunsil was suspended seven games by the NCAA last year for receiving improper benefits while in school.

11:21 p.m.

Packers at 27 chose Kenny Clark, DT, UCLA.

11:04 p.m.

With the 26th pick, Denver chose Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis.

Interesting. Denver must have thought that Lynch would not be available at 31.

This was the order before the trade.

26 . Seahawks
27 . Packers
28 . Chiefs
29 . Cardinals
30 . Panthers
31 . Broncos

Packers have Rogers. Would the Chiefs had taken Lynch? KC has Alex Smith. Cardinals have Palmer. Panthers have Newton. Maybe the Cardinals would have taken Lynch, since Palmer is getting up in age.

I don't understand why Denver moved up.

11:03 p.m.

Seattle had the 26th pick, but the Seahawks traded down with Denver who had the 31st pick.

Aaron thinks Denver will take a QB.

10:58 p.m.

At 25, Steelers chose Artie Burns, CB, University of Miami.

10:56 p.m.

Cincy at 24 chose William Jackson, CB, Houston.

10:54 p.m.

Aaron is still harping on Coleman's height, compared to Josh Gordon.

Um, Gordon's height is irrelevant because he has been suspended for each of the last three seasons. He didn't try when he did play in 2014. He's undependable.

10:50 p.m.

At 23, Vikings chose Laquon Treadwell, WR, Mississippi.

Next up, divisional opponents Bengals and Steelers. About 15 more minutes, and I'll read about the rest tomorrow. Browns are done for the night, apparently.

PFT- Vikings continue run on wideouts

10:49 p.m.

Browns have the 32nd pick overall, which will be the first pick tomorrow night for round 2, since the Pats lost their first round pick in this draft as a penalty for deflategate. Only 31 picks tonight.

10:41 p.m.

At 22, Skins chose Josh Doctson, WR, TCU.

10:38 p.m.

Picks left tonight:

22 . Washington
23 . Vikings
24 . Bengals
25 . Steelers
26 . Seahawks
27 . Packers
28 . Chiefs
29 . Cardinals
30 . Panthers
31 . Broncos

I may listen to Cin and Pit picks.

10:35 p.m.

Wash and Hou swap spots at 20 and 21.

With the 21st pick, Texans chose Will Fuller, WR, Notre Dame.

Redskins will select next at 22.

PFT - Texans trade up to take Will Fuller 21st overall

10:28 p.m.

Jets at 20 pick Darron Lee, OLB, Ohio State. Another Buckeye.

Five Ohio State Buckeyes chosen in the first 20 spots.

QB Lynch still available.

10:22 p.m.

According to Jerrod, Cory Coleman can bench press 225 pounds 17 times.

Apparently, some Browns goofball fans are comparing Coleman to Travis Benjamin.

Wikipedia states that TB is 5'10" 175 pounds.

Coleman is listed at 5'11" 190 pounds.

Not the same. Come on, Browns fans. Smarten up. Apply some context.

10:21 p.m.

Bills at 19 chose Shaq Lawson, DE, Clemson.

10:15 p.m.

Browns live presser about their first round pick ... it sounds like Cle will not trade up to pick again tonight. Round two tomorrow.

PFT - Tunsil's stepfather denies leaking bong and gas mask video

10:13 p.m.

More draft picks:

10:09 p.m.

Cleveland still has 12 more picks in this draft, I think.

Wikipedia - Corey Coleman

That page lists Coleman at 5'11" and 190 pounds. Wow. That's stocky, especially with 4.3 40-yard speed. This could be a fantastic pick.

Fast, stocky, powerful receivers, especially with leaping ability can make up for lack of height.

Wikipedia lists Odell at 5'11" 198 pounds.

Wikipedia - Odell Beckham Jr

Okay. I'm good with this pick.

10:05 p.m.

Browns fans are tepid with the WR pick. I think fans thought that Cle would take a bigger WR, like Treadwell.

Jerrod mentioned odell beckham who is only 5'11". Browns could have taken Odell with the 8th pick two years ago.

Coleman may be stocky. Jerrod said that he weighs over 180 pounds.

Coleman's speed may loosen up opponent's defense.

10:04 p.m.

Lions had the 16 pick, and Detroit chose Taylor Decker, OT from Ohio State.

10:01 p.m.

Aaron thinks that Treadwell is better than Coleman.

Coleman is only 5'10". But he's known for speed and jumping ability. Hopefully, he has some bulk to muscle against defenders.

For a first round pick, it would have been nice to have taken a 6'2" or 6'4" WR.

The Browns need a WR who ATTACKS the ball. Josh Gordon does not do that.

Gordon catches passes when he's wide open, and the pass is laid into his belly.

A. Boldin was brought up on stage tonight. That's a WR, like Fitzgerald at AZ, who attacked passes by going through defenders.

PFT - Browns pick Coleman

10:00 p.m.

Wikipedia has the page corrected now.

9:59 p.m.

Commish announced that the Browns chose Corey Coleman, receiver, Baylor.

Maybe it was people goofing around with the Wikipedia.

9:58 p.m.

Aaron said the Browns picked a WR Coleman??

Wikipedia stated QB Lynch a few minutes ago.

It would be Corey Coleman, receiver, Baylor, according to Aaron.

9:57 p.m.

Finally, the radio app, AM 850 said the pick is in.

9:56 p.m.

Wikipedia page states Cle chose Paxton Lynch, QB from Memphis.

Nothing on the ESPN radio app yet. It must really be way behind.

9:55 p.m.

Aaron said the Browns's phones are buzzing.

Cle needs pass-catchers. Cle failed to pick WRs in the first round in the last two drafts.

Take a WR and call it a night for the first round.

9:54 p.m.

Browns up next. Rumors that the Jets may trade up and take the Browns's spot.

9:52 p.m.

Raiders chose Karl Joseph, safety, West Virginia.

Man, I wish that a chip-on-the-shoulder Tunsil could have landed at Oakland with that burgeoning offense.

9:50 p.m.

PFT - Dolphins pick Tunsil

Poor guy. That has to be one tough dude to handle this tonight and then get interviewed on TV.

He would have looked better in the silver and black in the Oakland Black Hole.

9:45 p.m.

With the number 13 pick, the Dolphins chose Laremy Tunsil, tackle, Mississippi.

I was hoping that Oakland would have taken him. The Raiders are building a good team.

I refreshed the Wikipedia page, and it had the Dolphins pick listed before it was announced over the ESPN radio app. Delay.

Apparently, the Tunsil video was taken years ago. Tunsil learned about the video's existence while Tunsil waited in the green room.

Future draftees, secure social media passwords or temporarily deactivate accounts.

9:42 p.m.

Commercial for AM 850.

PFT - Ohio State becomes first school with three Top 10 picks

9:40 p.m.

Dolphins up next at 13. Raiders at 14.

Oakland loaded up with offense over the past two years. Grossi thinks that Oakland will take Tunsil. Could be a lucky steal for Oakland, if Tunsil is that good. I don't think the "experts" thought that Tunsil would still be available at 13.

9:39 p.m.

Bad defense for the Saints last year.

Saints chose Sheldon Rankins, defensive tackle, Louisville.

At least the Saints recognized that they had a bad defense.

9:38 p.m.

Saints will pick 12th.

I'm guessing that Cle will stay at 15 and select either the WR from Ole Miss or TCU.

More bong and gas mask images on TV, I guess, according to radio heads. Jerrod cannot believe it.

9:34 p.m.

The photo of Tunsil "smoking" something apparently showed Tunsil wearing a gas mask or something similar. I have not seen the photo.

Aaron said that on ESPN TV Chris Berman used the words "bong" and "gas mask" when discussing what happened with Tunsil.

A couple problems:

9:32 p.m.

With the 11th pick, Tampa Bay Bucs chose Vernon Hargreaves, CB from Florida.

9:30 p.m.

Rizzo and Grossi just told a story about having dinner recently in the Cleveland area, and in the restaurant walked in Browns head coach Jackson and WR Laquon Treadwell from Ole Miss. Freak luck, chance meeting. The Tony's sat on the story until tonight. Will Cle choose Treadwell at 15?

9:29 p.m.

Bucs have the number 11 pick after trading down with the Bears.

9:28 p.m.

AM 850 talking heads, Aaron, Grossi, Rizzo, and Jerrod are discussing the Browns choosing Paxton Lynch, quarterback, Memphis at 15. Maybe the Browns will not take a QB in this draft.

9:24 p.m.

AM 850 back from a chimerical announce that the Giants with the number 10 pick chose Eli Apple, cornerback, Ohio State.

PFT projected Apple getting selected near the end of the first round.

Three Buckeyes chosen in the first round. That should get the Bama-Buckeye knuckle-draggers fired up on some message board.

9:16 p.m.

With the 9th pick, Chicago chose Leonard Floyd, linebacker, Georgia.

Tunsil was expected to be chosen in the top 5 or at least in the top 10.

9:14 p.m.

NFL honoring Walter Peyton.

9:13 p.m.

Tunsil's agent claimed that Tunsil's Twitter account was hacked, and that's how the photo got posted. I assume that it's still a legit photo of Tunsil even if it's old. I don't know.

PFT - Tunsil apologizes for video

PFT article

PFT - another article

Tunsil’s agent has confirmed that Tunsil is in the video and says that the video was posted to the account by someone other than Tunsil. Tunsil reopened the account, which had been deleted, to post the following apology.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media said on the draft broadcast that Tunsil’s agent has been calling teams in an attempt to reassure them about his client. Tackles Ronnie Stanley and Jack Conklin are both off the board while Tunsil waits to hear his name called, however.

But when was the video/image recorded? Recently? Last fall? Years ago? If within the past few months, that could be an issue. If two or three years ago, then okay. Maybe no biggie.

9:10 p.m.

Bucs traded down with the Bears.

Bears will select with the 9th overall pick.

Run on OTs.

9:09 p.m.

Aaron summarizes the TN-Cle trade:

In this draft, Cleveland has five picks between spots 15 and 77. That's first, second, and high third round.

9:07 p.m.

Titans chose Jack Conklin, tackle, Michigan State. Titans had the number 2 pick last year, and they chose QB Mariota.

9:06 p.m.

Browns acquired TN's number 2 pick for next year.

For the 2017 draft, Cle has two number ones and two number twos.

Only one number thus far for tonight's first round.

9:04 p.m.

Cleveland traded down with TN.

Browns drop from 8 to 15. We're waiting for word on what Cle picked up from TN.

The Browns have dropped from 2 to 8 and now to 15. Grossi thinks Cle will take a WR at 15. Cle accumulating more picks for this and/or next year's draft. It's a three-year plan, at least for the bean counters.

9:02 p.m.

49ers picking 7th. SF chose DeForest Buckner, defensive end, Oregon.

Cleveland is next. Grossi has no idea if Cleveland will stay at 8 or trade down.

Grossi predicts that Cle will take the WR from TCU at 8. Jerrod said that Cle will take QB Lynch. Aaron thinks Cle will trade down.

9:01 p.m.

The sabotage of Tunsil with an old photo may not be criminal but it's despicable. The photo was shared or posted right before the draft or during the beginning of the draft.

8:54 p.m.

Commish announced that with the 6th pick, the Baltimore Ravens chose Ronnie Stanley, tackle, Notre Dame.

Grossi said that Stanely has impeccable character.

49ers up next.

8:53 p.m.

According to Aaron, Twitter states that the Ravens select o-lineman from Notre Dame.

8:52 p.m.

Pick is in for the Ravens. Waiting ...

It's rumored that the Browns may trade down from their 8th spot. I assume to accumulate more picks.

8:50 p.m.

Allegedly, Tunsil's estranged stepfather released the odd photo of Tunsil. I think that the stepfather is suing Tunsil. I don't know the soap opera drama of this. If true, the stepfather has more than serious issues.

8:47 p.m.

Commish Goodell announces that the Jags selected Jalen Ramsey, defensive back, Florida State.

DB selected 5th. PFT had the Cowboys taking Ramsey at 4th. Obviously, this dude is suppose to be all-world or at least a pro-bowler, especially when taken at number 5.

I don't know. I'm still taking offensive weapons in the top 10. Receivers, tight ends, some kind of pass catcher.

The Cowboys have multiple good pass-catchers. Taking an RB makes sense. Offense.

8:46 p.m.

Jags pick next at 5. Pick is in. Waiting for the official extravagance on TV. No TV for me, since we don't have cable nor satellite TV.

8:40 p.m.

Commish at the podium.

Number 4 pick. Dallas Cowboys pick Ezekiel Elliott, running back, Ohio State.

Two straight Buckeyes.

Cowboys let RB Murray go after the 2014 season, I think. Anyway, that seemed to hurt Dallas's offense. But Romo being injured last year hurt the most.

I don't know who the backup QB is now for Dallas. When will the Cowboys draft a QB?

8:38 p.m.

Rizzo said that he heard that the Cowboys will take RB Elliot from Ohio State. No official word yet.

PFT predicted the Dolphins would take Elliot at 13. An RB taken at 5 is a high pick.

8:31 p.m.

Commish announced SD Chargers taking Joey Bosa, defensive end, Ohio State.

A slight surprise. PFT had Bosa being selected 5th. Either way, he was going in the top 10.

Chargers still have Rivers who plays well.

The Chargers' owner spoke with Urban Meyer last night about Bosa.

Cowboys are up next. Dallas QB Tony Romo came from Div 1AA Eastern Illinois. He is still a good QB, top 12, at least.

In the Browns division, two Super Bowl-winning QBs came from small schools. Flacco from 1AA Delaware St and Big Ben from Div 1A Miami of Ohio, although the MAC is at the lower end of Div 1A.

8:29 p.m.

Aaron said he heard rumblings that S.D. will select Bosa from Ohio State. The NFL or ESPN is at a TV commercial. Commish laid down a commandment today to media and the teams: thou shalt not mention picks early. Please.

PFT - NFL doesn't want teams to leak picks

8:27 p.m.

Aaron Goldhammer discussing Tunsil's Instagram or Vine post that allegedly showed Tunsil smoking something. It's an old photo. Maybe not doctored. But someone who dislikes Tunsil waited until this evening to post the photo. Whatever.

Tunsil is projected to be selected early, possibly by the Chargers with the number three pick.

8:24 p.m.

Commish. Eagles select Carson Wentz, QB from Div 1AA North Dakota St. Maybe another Flacco?

Browns could have taken him. Will Cleveland discuss this pick or non-pick for years?

Browns start regular season

8:20 p.m.

Eagles will pick 2.

8:18 p.m.

Rams select QB Jared Goff.

Grossi "loves" Goff. He think that Goff will be a star. Big Ben Roth-like. Grossi said Goff could win a Super Bowl.

Rams will move to L.A. at some point. Maybe in 2017.

8:16 p.m.

The pick is in. But not announced yet.

8:12 p.m.

No pick yet because it appears the NFL is making the Rams use all the time on the clock for suspense. Lamo TV hype.

8:09 p.m.

Grossi wanted the Browns to stay at number 2 and take one of the top QBs. But Browns still have McCown, and Cleveland gathered RG3 in free agency or somewhere. Maybe the slide-rule, analytic geeks said, "More picks, please."

8:07 p.m.

Commish or someone announced from Chitown that the Rams are on the clock. The broadcast over the app is probably 30 seconds to a minute behind reality.

8:04 p.m.

Tonight's draft show airs from Chicago. Browns beat reporter is hanging out a Browns HQ in Berea.

8:02 p.m.

I dialed up Cleveland AM 850 on the ESPN radio app on my wife's tablet. The local hosts will be on the air for a while this evening. Right now, waiting for the commish to reach the podium.

Some possible first round draft pick was shown on Twitter "hitting the pipe." Allegedly. Probably a doctored photo.

Morning notes

Browns had the number two pick overall, but earlier this month, the Browns made a big deal with the Eagles. The Browns accumulated more picks for this draft and for the 2017 and maybe 2018 drafts. The Browns moved from the second spot to the eighth spot in the first round.

At the moment, the Browns "only" have one pick in the first round. In three of the previous four drafts, the Browns had two picks in the first round. Seven first round picks for Cleveland in the previous four years netted Cleveland this past season the second worst record in the NFL.

Today, one psychic believes that the Browns will trade down from their current 8th spot to the 13th spot and choose Josh Doctson, receiver, TCU.


Simulated draft

"... here’s the first and only (for this year, perhaps forever) PFT simulated draft."

  1. Rams: Jared Goff, quarterback, Cal.
  2. Eagles: Carson Wentz, quarterback, North Dakota State.
  3. Chargers: Laremy Tunsil, tackle, Mississippi.
  4. Cowboys: Jalen Ramsey, defensive back, Florida State.
  5. Jaguars: Joey Bosa, defensive end, Ohio State.
  6. Ravens: DeForest Buckner, defensive end, Oregon.
  7. 49ers: Paxton Lynch, quarterback, Memphis.
  8. Browns: Myles Jack, linebacker, UCLA.
  9. Buccaneers: Vernon Hargreaves III, cornerback, Florida.
  10. Giants: Darron Lee, linebacker, Ohio State.
  11. Bears: Ronnie Stanley, tackle, Notre Dame.
  12. Saints: Sheldon Rankins, defensive tackle, Louisville.
  13. Dolphins: Ezekiel Elliott, running back, Ohio State.
  14. Raiders: Leonard Floyd, linebacker, Georgia.
  15. Titans: Josh Doctson, receiver, TCU.
  16. Lions: Jarran Reed, defensive tackle, Alabama.
  17. Falcons: Robert Nkemdiche, defensive tackle, Mississippi.
  18. Colts: Kamalei Correa, linebacker, Boise State.
  19. Bills: Shaq Lawson, defensive end, Clemson.
  20. Jets: Jack Conklin, tackle, Michigan State.
  21. Washington: Ryan Kelly, center, Alabama.
  22. Texans: Taylor Decker, tackle, Ohio State.
  23. Vikings: Laquon Treadwell, receiver, Mississippi.
  24. Bengals: Reggie Ragland, linebacker, Alabama.
  25. Steelers: Karl Joseph, safety, West Virginia.
  26. Seahawks: Germain Ifedi, tackle, Texas A&M.
  27. Packers: Kenny Clark, nose tackle, UCLA.
  28. Chiefs: Corey Coleman, receiver, Baylor.
  29. Cardinals: Christian Hackenberg, quarterback, Penn State.
  30. Panthers: Eli Apple, cornerback, Ohio State.
  31. Broncos: Connor Cook, quarterback, Michigan State.


2016 NFL Draft

Sel     Team	                                2015 record 
1	Los Angeles Rams (acq from TN)	        3–13	.492	
2	Philadelphia Eagles (acq from Cle)	3–13	.531	
3	San Diego Chargers	                4–12	.527	
4	Dallas Cowboys	                        4–12	.531	
5	Jacksonville Jaguars	                5–11	.473	
6	Baltimore Ravens	                5–11	.508	
7	San Francisco 49ers	                5–11	.539	
8	Cleveland Browns (acq from Mia via Phi)	6–10	.469	
9	Tampa Bay Buccaneers	                6–10	.484	
10	New York Giants	                        6–10	.500	
11	Chicago Bears	                        6–10	.547	
12	New Orleans Saints	                7–9	.504	
13	Miami Dolphins (acq from Phi)	        7–9	.508	
14	Oakland Raiders	                        7–9	.512	
15	Tennessee Titans (acq from Rams)	7–9	.527	
16	Detroit Lions	                        7–9	.535	
17	Atlanta Falcons	                        8–8	.480	
18	Indianapolis Colts	                8–8	.500	
19	Buffalo Bills	                        8–8	.508	
20	New York Jets	                       10–6	.441	
21	Washington Redskins WC	                9–7	.465
22	Houston Texans WC                       9–7	.496
23	Minnesota Vikings WC	               11–5	.504
24	Cincinnati Bengals WC	               12–4	.477
25	Pittsburgh Steelers Div	               10–6	.504
26	Seattle Seahawks Div	               10–6	.520
27	Green Bay Packers Div	               10–6	.531
28	Kansas City Chiefs Div	               11–5	.496
29	Arizona Cardinals Conf	               13–3	.477
30	Carolina Panthers Lost SB              15–1	.441
31	Denver Broncos Lost SB                 12–4	.500

New England Patriots 12–4 .473 Conf

Patriots had the 29th pick, but New England will forfeit their first-round selection as punishment for their involvement in the Deflategate case. The subsequent first-round picks will move up by one spot. Thus, there will be 31 picks in the first round, not 32.