going down deeper into the rabbit hole. test post 24jun2017 1422 - attempting to reply to a someone else's tweet, i think.

update it worked

https://twitter.com/pondhawk - used by this test wren site

https://twitter.com/jothut - another test twitter account of mine. this one is not hooked into anything indieweb-related.

i struggle mightily with twitter's web interface. it's difficult for me to read, follow, find, etc. replies and "threads".

this is a pondhawk post, which in message board speak would be the thread starter post.


i added replies to that post via jothut.


then i replied from wren.soupmode.com to one of jothut's tweet's in that thread. the post above is that reply.

now i'm trying to get replies from others, like jothut, to appear back in the wren.soupmode.com's webmentions "wall" page.

in a post that is meant to be a reply at twitter, my wren post needs to include the url to the tweet being replied to.

wren.soupmode.com is associated with the twitter account called pondhawk. my test reply post replied to a tweet posted by jothut.

<a class="u-in-reply-to" href="https://twitter.com/jothut/status/878676037290385408"></a>