syndicating to twitter from wren via

i don't need the target url to appear in a template and have it included in every web post, created by wren.

since my code now supports sending webmentions via my own reply_to command, then i only need to add the target url to my command, and then my code should send the webmention to, which posts it to my twitter account.


wren created my post but the webmention part failed. my app returned the following error to the browser:

Bad Request

Failed to send Webmention. Unable to parse web mention endpoint from target homepage

yeah, the homepage does not contain the webmention endpoints. probably because they provide multiple ones.

for twitter, their endpoint is

rats. i'll have to add another special command, such as syn_to for syndicating to twitter or something and then wren will have to check the config file for the twitter webmention endpoint.