This post type is a note. No title. It's a reply to another person's tweet. This post contains a photo.

Created on 3Jul2017 1246 edt.

I have to include the URL to the tweet that I'm replying to, and it needs to be surrounded by HTML anchor tags that contain the following microformat class attribute: u-in-reply-to.

<a class="u-in-reply-to" href=""></a>

480 x 640 photo of a yarn and sewing store called Yarn for Ewe, located in downtown Gladwin, MI.

i embed the image here by using the HTML image tag and not with the markdown nor textile markup for embedding images.

the image tag includes the microformat class attribute u-photo.

<img class="u-photo" src="" />

And to have my Wren code syndicate to Twitter via, I include the following custom Wren command:

<!-- syn_to : twitter -->

My post needs to contain the target URL to make syndication to another site possible. I can manually include that URL in my markup, but I don't have to.

My syn_to command tells my Wren code to tack on the URL to the markup file. When I update this post, it will contain that URL.

It saves typing to have the code automatically add the target URL to the markup.