Nick Adams E/N

Manifesto for Lightweight Web Pages

Many publishers have created a web-abusive, reader-hostile web by forcing users to download pounds of crapware, which bogs down older CPUs and creates clunky user experiences. This is my screed against web page bloat.

Recap of the June 27, 2015 Weather Event

On Saturday, June 27, 2015, the Toledo area experienced one of the most bizarre storms that I have ever seen around here. Some nicknamed the event Tropical Storm Toledo.

2014-2015 Toledo Winter Season Recap

December tied the record for no measurable snowfall. January was around normal for snow and cold. February wound up being the snowiest February on record and the eighth snowiest of all months and the second coldest February and the third coldest of all months.

Observing Lakeshore Dragons

I'm talking about migrating dragonflies that can be observed in the late summer and fall at lakeshore locations, such as Metzger Marsh and Magee Marsh.

My March 2017 Personal Publishing Thoughts

Ramblings about multiple subjects, including owning content, open web versus silos, embracing a slow approach to creating and consuming content, hosting, syndicating to social media, web design, comment systems, and feeds.

Does Blogging Need Simpler Tools?

I've always thought that creating a blog post should be as simple as ending a basic email message. What's easy for tech people can be complex for others who are the people that blog developers are targeting.

Yard Birdsong for Early February 2017

During a couple days midweek last week, Tue, Feb 7 through Thu, Feb 9, I heard SCJU singing around our backyard. That was the first time that I have heard juncos sing this season. Normally, I hear the first junco song around our home a little later in February.

Local urban farmer passed away

While shopping at the Toledo Farmers market, I noticed a picture-framed announcement about the passing of Selby Thames who farmed in East Toledo and sold his goods regularly at the market. The sign was placed at the table location where Selby sold his produce during the winter.

Downtown Toledo Businesses and Parking

Every so often, the topic of parking at downtown Toledo or anywhere in the city bubbles up at These are my comments, posted in a thread on Jan 23, 2017.

Brewing a One-gallon Batch of Beer

This all-grain recipe came from the May-June, 2014 issue of Brew Your Own magazine in an article about the St. Joseph's Abbey brewery, located in Massachusetts, which in December 2013, became the 10th official Trappist brewery in the world.

Baking Naturally-leavened Sourdough Bread

At its minimum best, bread consists of only three ingredients: flour, water, and salt. Time, air temp, and humidity are key variables. With only these factors, a wide variety of procedures can be used to ferment, proof, and bake the dough.